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Bread Recipe

3 Cups Hard White Wheat Berries
1 Cups Hard Red Wheat Berries
1 Cups Spelt Berries
1/2 Cup Rye flour
3/4 cups Starter
1/8 Cups Organic Virgin Olive Oil
1 1/4 Tbsp Himalayan Salt
1 tsp Yeast (optional- don’t use if you eat dough raw)
3 3/4 Cups Filtered Water


Here’s the fast version…

We dump the grain in the grinder, combine all ingredients in the mixer. Mix until incorporated, then mix 1 minute extra on low and put the dough into a bowl or large container. Here’s where you have some choices. If you want it ready in a couple of hours, place bowl in a proofing oven (or warm spot) for 2 hrs or so until doubled. If you want a really slow rise either to develop flavor or to deactivate phytates, this first rise can be placed in a cool spot (even the fridge if you want it really slow) and can take anywhere from 3-12 hrs to double depending on temp. Once it has doubled, stretch it- grab one end and fold it over, do the same with the other end, turn and fold again until the dough is tight but not ripping. Let dough rise until doubled in size. Stretch, and let rise again. The third time, cut in pieces and shape the individual pieces for whatever you are making (or saran wrap and put in fridge for later use) – focaccia and pizza don’t need extra shaping, you can just create your forms right away. For breads you will want to fold each in thirds let rest 10 minutes and then form. aLoaves will need to proof again until doubled, but pizza and focaccia (flatbreads) are ready to bake. Preheat oven 10 min before baking to 550º with the baking steel inside (nothing will bake as you need it to without the baking steel- this is really the secret ingredient of successful home baking), then slash/ decorate loaves and put them in to bake at 550º- Breads 13-15 min, Pizza 8 min, Focaccia 6 min.

Our steel will hold 4 loaves (maybe 6 if you crowd them), 2 large focaccia and 1 large pizza. If we are baking a second round, we let the oven sit for 1-2 minutes in between for the steel to collect heat again. Let breads cool 40 min or so to finish baking, let a pizza sit maybe 5 minutes to keep everything from wanting to slide off when you cut it, and let focaccia cool just long enough that it won’t burn the hungry tasters!


If you would like more in depth explanation of the process visit Conditioning & Shaping the DoughWhole Grain “Poolish” Dough Proportions & IngredientsWhat Is A “Poolish”?Is All Gluten The SAME? or Why Use Starter Instead Of Yeast?

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Kristie Harper

Permaculture Designer, Artist, Follower of Jesus, Mother of 8 🙂 Founder of Regeneration Nation

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