Birds are falling dead from the sky simultaneous with firing up “tester” 5G towers…

And what does this have to do with “Covid”?

Hmmm, when you search this… mysteriously, Google doesn’t seem to “know” that it’s really happening (they have the fact checkers out in full force.) But over at Duck-Duck-Go, on Brave browsers, you will find a bit more info. Of course the internet has been drowned with the “False Claim”, “Fact Checked”, “No, Radio Waves Do Not Kill Birds” theme, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find otherwise.

Of course, the “tester” towers were not removed, and life goes on as usual… or does it?

You may be interested to know that EVERY symptom of “Covid-19” coincides with EVERY symptom of EMF exposure (Electromagnectic Frequencies) also presenting as “altitude sickness.”

-yep, look it up… but maybe not on Google…

What does “altitude sickness” have to do with anything? Well, interestingly enough, the radiation emmitted from 5G towers carries HIGH levels of EMFs which are extremely disturbing to the human body (as well as birds). Altitude sickness is caused by reduced oxygen in the atmosphere (at high altitudes), creating reduced oxygen in your blood stream. If you want to relieve the symptoms you can simply reduce altitude or breathe oxygen. When the symptoms are caused by EMFs however, the EMFs actually reduce your cells ability to absorb oxygen, no matter how much oxygen you have available to breathe. So the symptoms don’t just go away… until you block and eliminate EMF’s. And you will think you “contracted” Covid complete with some kind of Pneumonia or bronchial something, but it’s actually pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs) caused by a lack of oxygen in your blood cells.

You may have noticedat this point (Google hasn’t), how the 5G rollout was accomplished side by side with the “Covid” wave? Yep, and remember a little background fact, that ALL of the worst “epidemic” centers had 5G rolling on a wide scale when they were “hit by the virus”… Wuhan, Milan, New York, France, Washington State (where the nursing home for the elderly became the poster child for the Covid movement?)

If you’ve “had” Covid as many of us have, you may have noticed that it didn’t respond to the same herbals and natural medicinals as any other regular “cold”. Our family’s repitoire of “fixes” changed drastically this year. I began to notice that breathing blood thinners such as peppermint, eucalyptus and taking anti-inflamitories like turmeric as well using EMF shielding fabric and other items seemed to help a lot! And the old fixes for actual colds didn’t make much of a dent at all- ginger, garlic. etc. The chest coughs are not pneumonia, nor do I believe they are mainly bacteria or virus related- nope, they stem from pulminary edima (extreme altitude sickness) and are somehow related to issues of blood clotting, etc (also caused by extreme altituds sickness).

That’s why early on, the ventilators were not helping people- they were killing people. Patients did not have thickening of the lung tissues which would need pressure (they had a lack of oxygen in the lungs and pulmonary edema), so they would be put on a pressurized ventilator, blow their lungs out and sit there to die. Doctors were reporting this horrible, murderous “protocol” that they were NOT ALLOWED TO STOP. They were DISALLOWED FROM DIALING BACK THE PRESSURE on the machines by their superiors.

Dig a little deeper and you will understand that the ventilators were actually fulling their intended purpose. If you are so naive as to think that no “leadership” has ever conspired together to wipe out segments of society and exterminate populations, or that those in charge of our systems now are benevolent, it’s time to open your eyes and look around. We are under siege in the advanced stages of a full Communist Government Coup. Start here if you want to understand what is going on in America. If you already get it and are wondering what to do, join FUAMI. And if you are looking for a “meeting of the minds” in a network you can connect with people in truth and sincerity, consider the Activate Humanity social platform.

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Kristie Harper

Permaculture Designer, Artist, Follower of Jesus, Mother of 8 🙂 Founder of Regeneration Nation

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