What’s So Amazing About Mike Lindell?

Well, only that he has used his OWN $5 Million to gather together some of the most brilliant minds in the country to conduct the most extensive audit of our corrupt voting system. And, that he is CURRENTLY OFFERING another $5 Million to ANYONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO PROVE HIS RESULTS WRONG.

If you’d want to try… go ahead, your are up against some of the best minds from the cyber world, NASA, US Intelligence and more. Or if you’d like to see what they found, you can head over to https://home.frankspeech.com/, sign up for free and take a look at what our Representatives from every State in the Union recently gathered together to find out in the recent Cyber Symposium. All the info is there and available. Prepare to be AMAZED.

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Kristie Harper

Permaculture Designer, Artist, Follower of Jesus, Mother of 8 🙂 Founder of Regeneration Nation

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