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Membership with Regeneration Nation is required to participate in our Community as a Sponsor, Lot Owner or Employee.

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Membership Form

A Religious Membership Agreement allows an Organization that identifies itself with specific values to legally protect and act upon its core beliefs (i.e. gender specific bathrooms, family friendly public areas, alcohol in moderation, sanctity of life, etc.) It also allows us to hire & grant Sponsorships to people who uphold those core values.

THIS COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT is by and between a religious corporation, Regeneration Nation Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “RELIGIOUS CORPORATION”), acting through Kristie Harper, its authorized agent, for the COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP of_(Individual below)_ (hereinafter referred to as “COMMUNITY MEMBER”).

This agreement is to certify that COMMUNITY MEMBER understands that Regeneration Nation is a Religious For Profit Corporation and agrees to uphold the stated Biblical Values & Ethics, Sustainable Agricultural policies, Family Friendly Rules and Guest Policies of RELIGIOUS CORPORATION so long as they are a Community Member. COMMUNITY MEMBER understands and agrees that COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP is required for interaction in the Regeneration Nation online Community Chat, Member Meetings, Community HOA and in order to purchase Property in a Regeneration Nation Community. COMMUNITY MEMBER can choose to revoke their COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP at any time by providing a written or emailed request to be removed from the online Community Chat, Member Meetings or by selling their Community Property to another Community Member and requesting removal from COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP.

I, COMMUNITY MEMBER, understand and agree to uphold and honor the following values, ethics and policies within the Regeneration Nation Community:

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