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Ensure Your Medical Will Be Respected


Have you considered what might happen if you become subject to a debilitating accident in this climate of totalitarian healthcare? Will “they” elect to give you a “Covid test” (complete with Graphene Oxide) when you come in from a car crash (since it’s worth $13,000 if you test positive)? Will they opt to give you a much neded “jab” to mitigate further damages? Put you on a “ventilator” (deathtrap)? after all, it is worth another $39,000 from Uncle Sam (who loves you dearly) paid directly to the participating medical facility- not to the person who undergoes the torturous treatment. (Co-operation deserves remuneration!)

This is the Durable Power of Attorney Form (click to Download) I have elected to use with my adult family members to transfer medical and legal authority to someone we trust if any of us should become incapacitated for any reason at this time.

I looked at a LOT of these Forms before using and adapting this one to my needs. The biggest problem is that most of them leave the determination of whether or not you are “incapable of making your own medical decisions”… up to your “attending physician.”

Well, it’s exactly the attending physicians I don’t trust at this point so I modified my own clause stating “This power of attorney has effect only if I become incapable of giving informed consent to health care and this fact is certified in writing by my attending physician or his or her designee, OR if an attending physician or physicians refuse to honor any of my medical preferences or choices. In such case, my attorney has the right to be physically present with me in all medical evaluations and treatments to take legal action on my behalf to ensure that my will be upheld in all of my medical treatments and care.”

This Form is extremely comprehensive and covers every aspect of decisions and ownership. Feel free to download, modify and use it as you like. Nobody carries any liability for your Forms and Contracts except for you, so consult a lawyer if you want to and make sure that the wording suits your needs. The original form was for the State of Florida and I changed it to be applicable to “Missouri.”

Power to you!

Make Your Own Hydroxychloroquine?

Perhaps you have already heard that it is possible to make a Natural form of “Hydroxychloroquine” at home? This Natural Cure has become a staple for our family in this time.

The peels of lemons and particularly grapefruit actually contain Chloroquine, an element that has been commonly used to treat many conditions including malaria (CDC website “Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are approved to treat autoimmune diseases and to prevent and treat malaria…” and it was demonstrated early on, to be very effective with “Covid” symptoms (which are synonymous with Graphene Oxide and 5G- see article here).

(The Internet will now tell you it’s not true of course, and that “self treatment” boarders on Russian Roulette, but in this case it’s very hard for them to say this would be DANGEROUS to you in any way because it’s a simple, natural food item.)

Our family is particularly sensitive to EMF’s (Electromagnetic Frequencies) so “Covid” symptoms have become a huge problem for us with the advent of the 5G rollouts (and increasing amounts of Graphene Oxide in our environment). More and more frequently, we are experiencing the negative effects of EMFs which are basically identical to “altitude sickness” and “covid symptoms”- which are typically caused by a lack of oxygen in your body. EMFs cause a lack of oxygen absorption directly in our cells, creating exactly the same effects as lack of oxygen in the atmosphere- shortness of breath, tiredness, mild fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, vision problems, fluid in the lungs, blood clotting, etc (sound like anything you’ve heard about lately?).

All last winter we used “Grapefruit Water” to boost our systems and had an unprecedented level of health- surely just a nice coincidence, but… it’s Simple. Cheap. Effective. And Safe! We boil a small pan of water, peel and finely dice 2 organic grapefruit skins (we don’t want pesticides in our cocktail) using both the outer and white layers of peel. Once the water has boiled, we turn it off, throw in the peels, then cover and let it steep all day. We often drink an inch or two in a glass after the first 5 minutes or take it later after it’s completed steeping. We have found that it keeps for up to 2 weeks in our fridge and best of all, grapefruit peel is an amazing cleanse being anti-parasitic as well as anti-viral and anti-fungal.

*(Grapefruit and certain other citrus fruits, such as Seville oranges, can interfere with several kinds of prescription medications so please be aware before you take it with other drugs.

Another simple thing we are doing to reduce our family’s exposure to EMFs and help with sleeping patterns is to turn off the wifi at night and all electrical breakers to bedrooms. This has helped our children immensely! You may be surprised to know how much electrical current and EMFs may actually be emanating from your walls where your wires run. We used a Trimeter and were shocked to see the frequencies that were concentrating in one particular corner of our daughter’s bedroom (right where her head was) and reverberating off a metal bunk bed! No wonder she couldn’t sleep! It made an incredible difference to change to a wooden bed and turn off her breaker at night.

A Plea from Australia censored by Youtube

You’ll want to see this video!

From Rumble Channel Defy Tyrants, “This 5-minute plea by Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi was given on September 17th, 2021; posted at YouTube the next day; and removed by YouTube ten days later.

We preserved the video however – and now make it available to you here at this platform.

In this 5-minute video, Bosi delivers a sobering call-to-action for all Australian patriots and freedom fighters. The strength and conviction of Bosi is not feigned as his background is defined by, amongst many other credentials, a distinguished military career. Riccardo Bosi is a former Australian Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel and served Australia with distinction.”

Biden’s Orders Null & Void in Newton County

On February 3, Newton County Passed an Ordinance

Allowing the arrest of any Federal agents… Watch this awesome video!

Here is a link to the ordinance – take it to your county officials and get it enacted there!

Newton County of Missouri refuses to submit to the Federal beast when it comes to violating the second amendment. This is an act of interposition, desperately needed to be imitated across the country. Not only do they defy the unconstitutional orders by the Federal beast, they state that they will arrest any Federal agents attempting to execute rule of law in Newton county.

CHEERS to Newton County! And all who follow in their footsteps!

Ok, 4 Children’s Hospital Visits in 2 Months- Hallucinations, Chest Pains, Stomach Pains & Bioweapons- Part 1

It’s time to talk about our family’s recent visits to the Emergency Room.

One was semi-legitimate. It may have been a PTSD type reaction to a previous injury/ surgery from a bike accident. My son got kicked with a ball in the same region he’s had surgery and couldn’t get his breath back far past the usual time allotted for getting the wind knocked out of him- then started passing out, etc. We called the ambulance.

The next ones were a little more hazy as to cause and effect, although we now understand that they are directly related to the current Bioweapons being leveled against our society in the form of “vaccines”, “covid” and even “5G” (if you haven’t figured it out, “conspiracy theorist” is a praiseworthy title these days, it will be in your best interest to learn some of these “theories” if you are concerned about long term survival and well being :).

Back to the second hospital visit… my 16 yr old daughter began having stomach pains- intense, stabbing stomach pains that came and went for 3 days.

We wondered about possible food poisoning (but she hadn’t eaten anything questionable) and perhaps appendix. At the end of the 3rd night the pains began to intensify “worse than any pain she’s ever had before” and we started to become seriously concerned that she might be experiencing a bursting or really inflamed appendix. Off to the ER!

10 hours, and several tests later (1am to be precise)… the appendix checked out fine, and her ovaries appeared in top shape. They assured us that the only possible explanation was some “enlarged” lymph nodes they had seen in her stomach on the ultrasound. They said this may cause “similar sharp pains.” Huh? Intense, sharp “STABBING PAINS?” Well whatdayaknow?

By this time she had been thoroughly re-hydrated with a needed IV, the pain had mysteriously reduced (I’m convinced that the long and BORING hospital atmosphere contributes to wellness if there’s nothing potentially fatal), and…

We were told there was “absolutely nothing known to modern medical science that could be done for a virus…???” (ever heard of whiskey or colloidal silver or frankincense or myrrh, or… Seriously?)

…And of course, we were welcome to come back if that didn’t solve the problem. So, she spent the next 2 weeks with a slow recovery while we gave her system every health building and viral killing thing we could think of (Apple Cider Vinegar, colloidal silver, yogurt, apple sauce, Vit C, zinc…, and we did learn about the health benefits of whiskey- no kidding! If you are interested, look here– and please note effect #9 if you have heard that BLOOD CLOTTING is an issue with the current Bioweapons being forced on our society, …and here and even here for an example of someone who fought off the coronavirus with the “North Wales traditional flu remedy!”

All of this was before we understood the effect of Ivermectin on these current genocidal bioweapons, or I feel confident that my daughter’s bout with this “phantom sickness” would have been greatly reduced (… as it was for the rest of my family later on.)

3rd Hospital visit: My 5 yr old son gets some typical “symptoms”- can’t breathe, chest congestion, low grade fever, etc. but then goes into a serious bout of hallucinating just before bedtime. It was crazy! My husband and I were trying to calm him down and help him feel safe. He was seeing things in the room that were attacking him (he later told us that there was a gigantic rock shape in weird colors coming from the closet- which our oldest daughter, 19, was doing her best to “block” as she stood in front of the closet opening for him) and he was screaming and panicking and at a couple of points, he hunched forward, sticking his tongue out in a sort of seizure type way, but it was interspersed with his trying to get away from the things that were terrifying him.

About 10 minutes later, he was back to his “normal” self. His temperature was only 102 and we decided to try to let him sleep and see if things would resolve. At around 12am, he woke up screaming again and we decided to take a little visit to the ER. By the time we were headed out the door, he was fully functioning again and excited about the hospital trip (since his siblings had been recently and…).

Needless to say, 5 hrs later the “diagnosis” was that “hallucinating is in the range of normal with low grade fevers” (??? I’ve never heard that before…) and as long as he comes back to his “regular baseline” personality wise, everything is “okydoky.” And of course… “there’s absolutely nothing we can do for that type of thing.” (Are you getting tired of that phrase yet? Oh please, there’s more to come…)

So on the way home, something rattled in my brain and I remembered that we had used frankincense for mind connections in the past (look it up- of course, it cures cancer, etc) because it crosses the blood-brain barrier and is, anti fungal, ANTI VIRAL (?), anti bacterial and incredibly healing. Now, this is not the Million dollar frankincense essential oil (seriously, out of all the essential oils I’ve used for things, I’ve never had the money for that one) but I did buy the actual pure wildcrafted resin (sap from the tree) from (that’s where I get everything that must have a trusted source… and that’s everything)- only $31.50/lb right now. And it turns out, you can make your own healing potion by mildly heating the resin with both a bit of water and a bit of oil (beautiful, extra virgin, organic olive oil- or coconut) and the resin constituents will melt down and separate out into a water portion and an oil/ wax portion. Then I just take that mixture, get some from both parts with a spoon and rub it directly all around the forehead and back of neck.

It was like day and night! For the next 3 days, when I put it on our son, it was magical- he did not have any hallucinations (which we noticed occurred both going into and coming out of sleep- something about brain transition)

… And when I forgot, he had one. Not only that, but seeing the effect it was having on him, I started putting it on his 9 yr old brother (yes, there are kids everywhere… we have 8!) and it was like an unbelievable MIRACLE with him. He has had a lot of brain “connection” type issues and it seemed his connections were getting slower and slower for the past 3 or more years. I put it on him and there was MAGIC! Where he would speak slow and respond slow, now, he gave me a kiss good night and it wasn’t like waiting for the sloth to move down the tree- his responses were reciprocal and almost quick! And NOW HE LOOKS HAPPY! Where his eyes were dull and sort of lifeless, now he looks bright and alert!

I began applying frankincense morning and night for a couple of weeks to both of them and even now, we will use it from time to time when they request it. Frankincense does NOTHING BUT continue to strengthen them.

This article is getting far too long, but the info is critical to get out to other parents! While we were in the ER for a 4th time with our 12 yr old son (read about it in Part 2), we heard a little boy about 3 yrs old come in on a stretcher with a similar story to our 5 yr old. It seemed his dad was one of the paramedics and they had transported him after what they thought might be a “seizure”. But when I heard the mom describing what happened to him, and how he freaked out and then tensed up and stuck his tongue out, it sounded exactly like what had happened with us, but he wouldn’t be able to talk about it to them because he was so little.

Continued in Part 2… (Update… actually I’m not going to do a Part 2. Evidently parents who “self-medicate” rather than asking a “medical professional” for advice have now been targeted by DHS for “child abuse” (yep, even the healthy, happy ones :). If you have a direct Q for me, email me directly at from a protonmail address (not monitored) and I will do my best to answer you (via protonmail 🙂

Chlorine Dioxide

I guess we have to preface everything these days by saying it’s pretty guaranteed that if mainstream media is against it, it’s probably something you’re going to want to know about.


Basically it’s a cure for everything under the sun. How’s this list for you?

  • Cancer
  • Coronavirus
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive System Disorders
  • Diseases and Disorders
  • Eczema
  • Eye Disorders
  • Gangrene
  • Heart Disease
  • Immune Suppression
  • Infectious Disease
  • Leprosy
  • Lyme Disease
  • Mental Illness
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parasites
  • Parasites
  • Psoriasis
  • Tuberculosis


Click here for a FREE printable PDF of all of this info complete with QR Codes that you can download, print out and share with friends who want to know what they can do for their health in this time.

Andreas Kalcker is the Expert.

You’ll find a lot of what you want to know about CDS, MMS, CD and ClO2 at his website here.

If you’d like to see his “Forbidden Cures” video here it is on Rumble.

Click here for a FREE Downloadable PDF Guidebook documenting CDS Research and Efficacy “The Universal Antidote- The Science & Story of Chlorine Dioxide” here.

Want To Make It Yourself?

Here is the simple video on how to make it yourself (is there some hidden reason the media doesn’t want you to manufacture your own simple cures?): “How to make CDS” – By Andreas Kalcker.

And here is the simple video on How To Make MMS:

Additional info on how to use MMS and a simple written recipe:

Other info sites:

If you’re looking for supplies to make it, here’s where I bought mine.

Here’s to Health!


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