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China hijacked our 2020 Election and inserted a puppet dictator into the highest seat of our land- where he sits today as I write this. President Biden was not elected by the American people, everybody knows it and so far, he has not been removed.

Who Is Trump?

Is or was Trump any better?

We don’t know. There are 2 clear options:

1. Perhaps Trump played a part in the Chinese hijack of our governmental system. He certainly knew that the hijacking was taking place (they documented everything- all of the countries involved, machines used, etc.), he did not move with the military to stop the surplanting (possibly for fear of being seen as the dictator himself). And his presence and movement served to passify America’s patriot population who were the only segment that would have resisted the Communist move.

The Trump Presidency catapulted our nation into astronomical debt (the largest in the history of our country, including Obama’s reign), his “Corona Reliefs” rewarded corupt businesses including the foundational and ever controlling “Life Insurance” sector and he championed “Operation Warp Speed” paving the way for the current program of national sterilization and genocid being rolled out in the name of the much feared “Covid” (which by the way, carries ALL of the same symptoms as EMF poisoning- think, 5G rollout. Check out our article on “altitude sickness” if you want to see how… https://rnation.us/2021/08/05/why-are-birds-dying/ .)

2. Perhaps he actually didn’t know the truth about a lot of things (hard to figure). But perhaps Trump had a lot of “bad counsel”… But a year later, he is still bragging about his “vaccine program” (when we all know what it’s about) and he’s still advocating us to get it? He claimed to have gotten it himself (I doubt it.) Still, maybe he is or was “for real” and simply made bad moves (not quite the 5D Chess player?)

What Should We Do Now?

There are a number of things we can DO. Above all, recognize that God Almighty sets up rulers and takes them down and that none of this has escaped His notice, nor His plan. All of this is part of something larger- Eternity. That’s our backdrop, that’s our stage.

At this point, it’s simply time to speak the Truth. If we Speak the Truth, we will know what to do when the times come. When opportunities present themselves as they do EVERY DAY, we will know exactly where to lay our lives down and how to fulfill His will.

Also, He has put many plans and endeavors in the hearts of His people. Fulfill them. DO them. At Regeneration Nation we have a strong vision to renew American Agriculture. We have a sense that this will be needed before all is said and done. We know that we are headed for the “last days” and we have been forwarned in Revalation that the time is coming when we will no longer be able to “buy and sell without the mark.” Should we prepare for that time? God didn’t warn us for nothing.

Also, look around you and join together with the many people who are accomplishing something worthy.

Activate Humanity is a great new social forum for thinkers and real humans.

Join FUAMI- Florida Unites Against Mandated Insanity.

Get current on Red, White and Blueprint and the effort being put forward in this California county to repeal corrupt government and replace it with justice.

Check out the People’s Rights movement.

Feel free to add your group, contact or share a worthy endeavor!



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