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Pacifism has advertised long and hard to modern America that all wars, all fighting, all soldiers, all contending and all “hitting” is wrong (until Antifa and BLM want to oppress the peaceful majority- then violence is clearly endorsed.) But both the Old and New Testament are clear that Pacifism is not actually of God. Meanwhile the world subdues, suppresses and takes control of our society because we have handed over what our forefathers physically fought for. The Church must regain her common sense in order to regain her country. 


It is the Church who should lead in common sense- not the world.

If you look up a definition of Pacifism, it is associated with Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism- not Christianity. Why? Jesus, who authored the greatest self-sacrifice ever known to man by laying down his own life to pay for sinners- freely offering the grace of the gospel- disqualified himself from Pacifism in the temple when he threw tables, whipped money changers, attacked the unrighteous and plucked out their beards. Judgment was needed in His Father’s house and he took physical action to stop the situation. He also advocated that the Church hold the Church accountable in collective discipline and that the Church become the backbone of a righteous society.



Many Christians are now praying for this Election and the Country.

America’s Church itself needs prayer even more so than the governmental outcome. The Church is in the weakened state spoken of in Revelation 3 “You say, “I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’ –and you do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked–“. As this government is “by the people, for the people” the Election reflects the state of the Church in our nation. If the Church is turned, so everything else is turned also, and if the Church is lost, then how could the country be saved?

In evaluating the position of the Church in America and her requests to God engaging in this battle, it seems that a large portion of the praying is focused on Outcomes- we want Trump elected (although even his election poses serious dangers as he is forcibly pushing the rollout of these unapproved vaccines through Emergency Use Applications, not the proper approval process for such an experimental and potentially dangerous development). However, the Church in America is extremely disintegrated and the current state of the election, the fraud and the level of chaos throughout our nation is a reflection of that. She has spent so long sitting, feeding herself and floating downstream that now she does not resist and barely even voices her mind. A Lazareth moment is needed in this country, not for the Election… but for the Church. The church creates Trump- Trump does not create the Church. As this is a government “by the people, for the people” we must rise. If ever we want a Blessing Outcome, we must first take up the work of Blessing creation and Management. If God gives Trump and the Election to the Church, without first raising her to her feet, she will remain in her passivity throughout the next 4 years, relying only on Trumps handouts and provisions and contributing no balanced restrictions to his power and agenda. If the Church is on her deathbed, and America is following suit, we must pray for the Church and stand together.

God’s main focus as expressed in His Word is not the destiny of America, nor of Israel- but the destiny of His Bride, who comes from both.

Are the governments not temporal? And the people eternal? Ask yourself: Does a Trump or Biden administration provide more for the health of the Church? It seems that the Church is saying “Give us Trump, because Biden would surely finish us”. Of course we all want a good, long life, and we should pray and work for what we want, but since when does corruption finish the Church? Corruption does reign though, when the Church is silent… as she has been for so long. The Church has need of repentance- not primarily for other people’s sins, but for our own. We cannot repent for abortions that other people have committed- that is not repentance, it’s just private disagreement. But we must repent for our public SILENCE and for PERMITTING abortions while we did not publically stand. We can repent for our part in culture creation, and we can rise and become culture creators with our feet on the ground where God put us. Without standing and making a physical difference in this earth, we are like Lot- with our righteous souls tormented by the wickedness around us but not doing much to stop it.

If God is primarily interested in the well-being of His Bride, we must ask together, what now, what here? With “Virtual Reality” and the Technology push has come a decline in Wisdom, Common Sense, Understanding and Physical Production as well as Relationship, Family and Community Connection. If God gives Trump to the Church, will she stay in her grave and let some else do the work of the culture war, floating downstream in her casket and enjoying the blessings as she has been doing for the last 30 years? It’s time for the Church to arise and repent for her lethargy, refusal to engage and refusal to do physical work. At this point the Church as a whole is so far gone that she can’t even decide if she should “gather”. Since when has God’s command to His Church to gather (“…and so much the more as you see the Day approaching…”) been up for question? Since when has the Church been in such a state intellectually that she can’t even figure out that masking and distancing is a “science” hoax and the “pandemic” is a power-grabbing scandal? And if she did figure it out, she no longer possesses the backbone, fortitude or even the will to say NO, resist tyranny and fight for the vulnerable and needy. As a Church we are now limited to a Virtual existence. 

We have taken up the lie that we may not physically fight nor argue, nor contend, nor even breathe if we are told not to, nor physically show up to church if the government says so. We have swallowed the lie of Pacifism and accepted Virtual living as a substitute. This is not the Christian sacrifice of “loving your enemies or turning the other cheek.” This is the deception of the lukewarm Church who asks for government permission and cultural acceptance in order to do God’s “will” and His work. And now we are so compromised that we are no longer “allowed” to do our daily work or worship at all unless the government approves it as “essential.” It is not the government that needs to discontinue this trend… it is the Church. The government will not turn around until the Church turns around. As a government that is “by the people, for the people,” it goes where the people go. It once was declared “Under God”, it is no longer subject to God at all. We, the Church will either place ourselves subject to God once more, and likewise, require the same of our government or we will never again have a government that does so.


And When Is The Use of Force Necessary?

Pacifism has preached to us that all wars, all fighting, all soldiers, all contending and all “hitting” is wrong. But both the Old and New Testament are clear that this is not true. Meanwhile the world subdues, suppresses and takes control of our society because we have handed over what our forefathers physically fought for. The Church must regain her common sense in order to regain her country. It is the Church who should lead in common sense- not the world. If you look up a definition of Pacifism, it is associated with Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism- not Christianity. Why? Jesus, who employed the greatest self-sacrifice ever known to man by laying down his own life to pay for sinners- freely offering the grace of the gospel, disqualified himself from Pacifism in the temple when he threw tables, whipped money changers, attacked the unrighteous and plucked out their beards. Judgment was needed and he took physical action to stop the situation. He also advocated that the Church hold the Church accountable in collective discipline and that the Church become the backbone of a righteous society.

Why is American in a dependent state? Why does America need China’s goods? Why is America food dependent on corporate, government subsidized systems? Why are America’s churches, businesses, gyms and schools now closed down? Why does the Church believe that Trump will save us if we cannot employ our own God-given freedoms and mandates? If the government has become so interfering, why don’t Christians (right now- while they still can) join together and establish an “autonomous zone” (since clearly, it’s legally permitted)? Because it would require Christian Force. That’s why. And currently, many American Christians believe all force is wrong and does not accomplish God’s will in any arena. That’s why Christians are confused about spanking their kids- it’s a use of force. And our predominant, current Christian belief is that the use of all force is wrong. But it doesn’t make sense (because it’s not sensible) and it doesn’t establish a sensible society.

Force & Physical Self Defense

If physical self defense and (defense of personal values) were not only allowed, but required of responsible Christian citizens (as our Constitution declares), we would not be in this state. Period. So if that’s the one thing that has turned this country up side down, it’s the one thing that should now be evaluated.

When is the use of force right/ wrong, Christian/ unchristian, required/ prohibited? When/ where is force needed, approved, required or disallowed?

Where the will/ actions of an individual or group are deviant or bad and must be stopped, force is required. Where a bad person instigates harm to another’s rights and well-being, it must be stopped with counter force. And where harm has been done and a penalty must be enforced against the will of the one who has done the harm, force is required.


The use of force is clearly and always, with no exceptions, prohibited in the promotion of the gospel (which is what was wrong with the Crusades- there was force used both for national defense AND the spread and acceptance of “Christianity”). Spiritual coercion is not conducive to true choice. This understanding has been manipulated to convince Christians that the use of force is wrong in all areas, across the board, but that leads to the degeneration of society (which we are clearly on the threshold of ), and must be understood as separate from the gospel (hence, the division of church and state, so that the state- the forceful, enforcing agent would never become involved in forceful religious coercion.)

Force is Sanctioned, Not To Spread the Gospel, But to Uphold Righteousness

Society- The use of reasonable force is clearly sanctioned, supported and required by God for the establishment and enforcement of appropriate society. Force may be used by both government agency and individual citizens as required. (Anarchy, by the way, demands the abolition of force used by organized government agency- anarchists want to retain the right to use personal force and organized personal force at will- as they clearly demonstrate in their tactics of takeover. They just don’t want an organized body larger than themselves to stop them. Which is essentially, the rule of oppression and personal Force instead of Law- Might Is Right).

Self defense- God sanctions the use of reasonable force preventing bodily harm and property damage, both personally and for local/ national defense.

Governmental Authority- God sanctions local and national agencies to use force to procure citizen obedience to good. (God does not sanction the use of force either nationally or personally to make people comply with what is bad.)

Apprehending Criminals- Sanctioned use of “reasonable force” to accomplish the goal.

Criminal Punishment- against the will of the criminal it will be enforced with whatever force is required to accomplish it.

Parental authority- reasonable force is sanctioned to procure obedience to good (not obedience to anything– which is the boundary of abuse).

Limited vs Unlimited Authority

Christians are also confused about Limited vs Unlimited Authority. Only God has unlimited authority. All other authority has limits- government, husbands, parents, teachers, etc. Most Christians view government as an unlimited authority when in fact it is a limited authority. A limited authority has boundaries which that authority must not cross. If or when they do cross them, they no longer have authority in that jurisdiction and must NOT be obeyed, but in fact must be disobeyed in order to maintain righteousness. Worship is an example of a governmental limit. People must obey God above any government even if they face persecution from a corrupt government that tries to control worship. And they have the right (and responsibility) to rebel against a corrupt government that oversteps governmental limitations. The book of Romans states some of the functionality and limitations of government and specifies that God has established governments to reward good behavior and punish bad behavior.

Our nation now finds herself in a place where the government is so corrupted they have begun to regulate and control worship, prohibit work and now, to punish good behavior and promote bad behavior. It is time for the Church to rise up and act righteously, yet she can barely stand and is confused regarding these basic truths. The well-being of the Church is not hanging on the Election, but the Election is hanging on the well-being of the Church.

There is a task the Church has abandoned that she must take up again- Judgment. Not outside the Church, but inside. We have allowed our leaders to overstep their bounds and commit treason against the Body without a word against them. The Church has been conditioned into a catatonic state of victimization and cultism. She has been taught to respect authority without also being taught the boundaries and limits of both authority and respect and being told what to do when the bounds of authority are overstepped. Wives and children are taught to submit to husbands/ fathers but not taught “God first” providing a clear and direct boundary for their respect and cooperation- so that when a man requires something in his home it is done, but if he molests or abuses the children, he is refused, confronted and authorities outside of the home are appealed to. So too with Church leadership. 

Authority and respect have boundaries. Church leaders may not eat the sheep (wolves), abandon the sheep (hirelings) nor fleece the sheep (merchandising). If they do so, there should be correction and discipline. Our forefathers (of many different times and ages) were willing to kill people for the sake of righteousness- now we are not even willing to speak. That is a fear of man- not a fear of God, not righteousness. Christians must do the unpleasant things as readily as the pleasant ones. A loving parent must be equally ready to discipline as to hug. Proverbs tells us that the lack of physical, parental discipline is actually hatred. It’s an absence of love and a presence of aggressive evil.

What Should The Church Now Do?

The Church must hold both herself and her leaders to God’s standards. But instead, she has become cultish- following leaders even off a cliff or unto self-harm. For a pastor to close the doors of his church because of a government mandate (thinly veiled by supposed protection for the people) is abandonment of the flock. Then to continue that shut-out along with various forms of government cooperation and modifications (masking, distancing, …) for so long that the people’s tithes no longer support the facility and the salaries, and then for the leadership to reach out and take the government subsidies (bribes) to continue regulating and shutting the Body out, is treason against God and His Church. To have pastors and leaders do this all across our country without even being loudly confronted and denounced by the Church demonstrates the incredibly unhealthy state we are in as a Body. Instead of Rebuke, we have continued Acceptance of these leaders. And where the Body has Accepted this gross neglect and abuse, they have taken it home and transferred it to their children. Do you know there are some of our children’s friends at Forerunner Church who basically did not go outside for 3 months and longer this summer? A year ago, America would have said that keeping a child locked up inside for 3 months was abusive. But this year, it’s… “safe”, “responsible” even, …and “irresponsible”, “unsafe” to let them out. In fact, this year, if you let them out, you “don’t love grandma” and you will be responsible for her dying (whereas any other year old age would have been the reason grandma died and the family would not have been made to accept guilt because her body could no longer fight off a sickness that others could easily process).

In just 6 months, America’s judgment completely reversed. Do you know that not very long ago, America’s judgment was that children should be protected from sexual activity prior to marriage? But now, and very soon it will be the enforced precedent- that disallowing children from sexual experimentation of any kind is “repressive” and in fact, “irresponsible”. Church, when will we speak if not now? We can forget the Election if we do not save the Church. We have let our world go to hell in a hand-basket and now we are shoving the Church over a cliff with our silence. We thought we were separate from the world and that we could let our society go, and somehow keep our own children. That is not our God-given functionality on this planet- we are here to manage the earth, take dominion of it, bring order, righteousness and productivity. We must repent of the fear of man. Repent of our Silence. Confront our leaders. Stop tolerating and “honoring” unrighteousness and stupidity. We must TURN THE CHURCH AROUND. She is headed the wrong way. It is time to go and confront every pastor in your community who has committed treason against the Church, and closed their doors or who is putting any stumbling block between people and the gospel by requiring masking, distancing or promoting “government obedience” in these matters. If they won’t listen, take 2 others with you. We can turn the Church around, but not without words, not without Judgment, not without fighting. Anyone who prays must back up his prayer with his own body or his praying is for the sacrifice of another. I am here to put myself on the line. The Church is too precious and our lives too loved by God and the blood of Jesus too valued to let this go any longer. We must TURN THE CHURCH AROUND before she is lost. We must begin to speak LOUDLY and CLEARLY. We must protest, we must call for repentance. We must pray & demand righteousness from our local churches and our government. We must start fighting the battles that are at our feet and upon our doorsteps. We must begin to strongly advocate for sensible parenting and speak directly to Christian parents once again, to recover their senses, to stop abusing thier children in the name of “government obedience”, stop locking them up, go back to loving, reasonable households not run by fear and propaganda. We must do this by whatever means necessary.

Church, it’s time to regain our senses, our footing and our standing in our Communities. It is said that the rising BLM movement is gaining traction and influence in America. REALLY! What about the rising movement of the Church?! Well, BLM is willing to do things that the Church is not. They are willing to show up outdoors in large numbers, willing to shout, willing to chant, willing to pay people, willing to use megaphones, willing to push people, willing to attack, fight, stab and kill those they are against. Let Christians discern. There are 2 separate things we must fight for- the Gospel, and Righteousness. The Gospel requires choice- no force, no manipulation. Righteousness requires Force. Don’t refuse to enforce Righteousness with force because we understand that it is wrong to use force to promote the Gospel. We do NOT spread the Gospel by force. But by force, we must hold the ground of Righteousness. And we do so righteously- with the least force possible and the most mercy, yet accomplishing the task. Hence, Law Enforcement, National Defense & Parental Authority are all Righteous, all sanctioned by God and when challenged, all require the responsible use of Force. Pacifism on the other hand is a subtle lie from hell, subverting the righteous to become of no effect in the world. It has been sold to the Church in huge proportions while the forces of Unrighteousness have multiplied relentlessly and are now openly assaulting America and her people for evil accomplishment. Because the CHURCH has conscionably stepped out of the way, America is no longer protected by Righteousness- she is being given to the wolves. What will Christians do about it?

It’s understandable to hope that these deep controversies could be solved without the use of force and without bloodshed, by prayer alone. But we must understand that the founding of our great nation and the overturning of entrenched slavery in this country both required the shedding of blood along side the prayers of our people in order to prevail. Every major turning back of evil throughout history has required men to both pray and fight. It is somewhat futile to imagine that we have come to such a time of immorality, corruption, violence and sedition, and to think that it may not require our lives laid down along side our prayers in order to set it straight

The Mark & The Covid “Vaccine”

Even as I write this, the first vaccines are already being distributed TODAY in our nation. Over 50% of America is expected to voluntarily take them from a handful of different manufactures. This is a development like no other. This vaccine contains Artificial Intelligence robots (in a “hydrogel”) that seek to pervert and track the human soul and ultimately, assist in separating humanity from our God-awareness. These vaccines are also irresponsibly pushed through a current “emergency certification” (a special provision for the covid scandal where there aren’t actually any more overall deaths in 2020 than 2019- just deaths reassigned to the new “pandemic”…). This is not the standard approval process for vaccines, and they are a cocktail of physical sickness waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public. Christians putting their faith in the salvation of Trump while he rolls out this vaccine regime right in front of their faces, are not taking seriously their own responsibility to keep our government in check. We are poised with a lack of vocal, Christian dissent, for uninformed Christian parents everywhere who have been encouraged to “obey the government without limitation”, to ignorantly vaccinate themselves and their children with this Godless and damaging technology. Revelation 13:18 says “Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding… calculate” that means… THINK! These “vaccine” developments are within the realm of computerized, chip related, tracking technology. It’s time to think. It’s time to put on the brakes. It’s time to regain sensible Christianity. It’s time, if possible, to restore society. 

Revelation makes it clear that “the mark” is not something someone can do to you involuntarily. It requires individual choice and involves 3 things: Revelation 14:9 “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand…” Every person needs to know the cost of this choice “…he himself (whoever chooses this) shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image and whoever receives the mark of his name.” We have a responsibility to communicate this message. The Bible also guarantees us that in the developing situation where the mark becomes required, “no one may buy or sell without it.” Proverbs 22:3 declares that “A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, But the simple pass on and are punished.” It’s time for Christians to address the coming realities, prepare ourselves and engage in this battle.

We thought surely by now, voices would be raised!

We thought pastors would come to their senses with these extended absences from their churches, that they would by now, be aware of the issues, turn around and counsel their flocks back to God and relationship together. We thought someone else would do it. But here we are. And there is no LOUD, CHRISTIAN dissent against the heresy and the non-evidence based, un-scientific protocols, processes and mandates. Nor is there demand for reinstating corporate worship and sensible law & order. We MUST TRY. Fellow Christians, it’s time to try. Get our people together, raise our voices and try! Where does Antifa raise their voices? In the street. Where does BLM raise their voices? At public restaurants. Don’t be foolish. Don’t go out without a gun. Don’t go out without self-defense. If you choose to lay your life down, it must be a choice, but don’t walk foolishly expecting protection, expecting civility, expecting law and order because it is no longer here- provide it for yourself and your people and go and get something done. Bring back righteousness and sensible society. Take a megaphone, create relationship, do a chant, inform the public, encourage parents, love the children, resist antifa, resist BLM, preach the gospel, STOP evil. It’s time for Christians to rise up! May God’s blessing be with us!

-Watch interview with Fox News Laura Ingrahm and guest DR. SUCHARIT BHAKDI, microbiologist and virologist- “Covid vaccine is downright dangerous and will send you to your doom.”

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