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ANDREW & KRISTIE HARPER – Artists, parents of eight, self- employed Mural Painters, left the West Coast 7 years ago, in search of a more Sustainable, family friendly life.


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Moving our family to 5 acres in rural Missouri…

We built a Straw Bale Cabin, assembled a Greenhouse, started a Plant Nursery and experimented with many forms of Alternative Building and Sustainable Food Production, culminating in opening an Organic Bistro/ Coffee Shop. Our many agricultural trial and errors spurred us to seek out a Permaculture Design Certification through Geoff Lawton of PRI, which sparked a growing vision for creating a Sustainable Patriot Community with a Christian foundation.


“Realizing that for many people who want to pursue a more sensible, Sustainable life, DIY is a practical impossibility, I began to design a Community Plan based on Private Ownership & Christian Values that includes the collective benefits of Partnering with dedicated Community Micro-Farmers to yield Food Shares back to Sponsoring Lot Owners.”

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3 Acre Lot – $58,000
5 Acre Lot – $72,000
1/10 Acre Tiny House Lot – $40,000 (Shared well and septic).

By Creative Oasis
Building Greenhouse
Revolution Farm
Organic Bistro
Brookfield, MO
Harper Family


Developing Sustainable Agriculture Residence/ Resort Communities founded on Christian Ethics and facilitated by partnerships with Owner/Investors, Farmers and Artisans, specializing in Food Production, Cultural Arts, Private Businesses, Eco-Tourism and Education with Shared Amenities, Resources and Business Support for community Entrepreneurs.

Providing Hands-On, Sustainable Education Opportunities, Workshops & Classes for Community Members.

Biodynamic Produce

Partnering with nature in producing healthy Food Sources.

Healthy Living

Eating for Strength. “Let thy medicine be thy food and thy food, thy medicine.” Hippocrates

Sustainable Education

Take advantage of Hands-On Opportunities to learn Sustainable Farming, Medicine & Lifestyle.

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And Receive Produce/ Profit Shares from Community Farms!
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