Property Criteria & Location

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Central Missouri

How are we selecting the Land? Here are the criteria. Scroll down to find out why…

  • Central or Southern Missouri- preferably within 1 1/2 hours of Kansas City.
  • 100 + Acres With a mix of open pasture & hardwoods
  • Situated in a county with: maximum rights, minimum building requirements, able to subdivide down to 3 acres, no restrictions on Home Business.
  • Community water features – Stream, creek, ponds, springs, etc.
  • Any established fencing, roads and/ or farming structures



Missouri Pros & Cons

Before we decided to move to Missouri 8 years ago we researched every possible thing about the terrain, weather, bugs, tornados, agricultural seasons, crime, building codes, homeschool laws, right to sell/ buy raw milk and farm products and more. We had no constraints other than “somewhere in rural America” so we compared Tennessee, Kentucky, Kansas, and territories north and south of Missouri. Here’s what we found, and why we settled on Missouri.

Here’s what we found, and why we finally settled here.

We love Missouri! It has turned out indeed, to have fulfilled many of the expectations we had when we first chose it.

  • Of course the city areas are similar to anywhere else. Kansas City is beautiful with lots of fountains and interesting shops downtown (of course everything is changing with the current National smackdown.) But traffic is pretty good everywhere and there is rarely a bottleneck on the freeways.
  • It has AMAZING, incredibly beautiful Agricultural Land & Climate!
  • 4 Distinct Seasons ranging from snowy winters to wet Spring & Fall and warm to hot Summers.
  • It’s very similar to Southern Oregon regarding temperature, except the humidity is exactly opposite- Wet in Summer, dry in Winter… which makes for AMAZING, long growing seasons! And, unfortunately, creates some humidity and… more bugs.
  • However, we have found that Missouri weather never stays the same for long. Whereas other areas can have very long runs of really hot temperatures, or very cold, Missouri rarely stays extremely hot or cold for more than a few days. Also, the weather is EXTREMELY PREDICTABLE, as in, the weather forecast is ALWAYS right. Makes it easy to know what to expect for a week at a time.
  • Also, the rain in the summer is EXTREMELY convenient for growing things with only minor amounts of irrigation.
  • The natives here are friendly and a lot of them will bend pretty far to accommodate you, and yet, somehow it’s very difficult to break into a “clan.” (I advise bring some community WITH you. Everything’s more fun with friends anyway!)
  • We settled on establishing Community somewhere south of I 36 (which runs across the northern part of the state) because there is a distinct “ice belt” that develops about that longitude. We’d rather not go to the extreme south because there seems to be more humidity there and a lot of the land also becomes quite rocky and somewhat unfarmable (although the rocks make for really beautiful, clear streams and water features as opposed to the muddy northern areas that have much better farmland). So somewhere in between that has a little of both is what we’re looking for!
  • Land prices are currently good- going up like everything else, but you can still get great land at really low prices even sometimes with improvements (fencing, barns, ponds, etc).
  • On the side of gun rights, Missouri residents can conceal or open carry without a permit.
  • There are LOTS of great places to hunt and fish, both on your own property and in the surrounding areas.
  • There are quite a few places to buy raw milk straight from a farmer. Surprisingly, the Amish here are no where near as clean as classically believed, and you actually have to “know your farmer.” Fortunately there are some amazing farmers that have gone as far as to create all A2/A2 herds (look it up if you don’t know what that means.} Sadly, the availability of other farm fresh foods is extremely limited. If you are from an area where you are used to farm stands and fruit stands and organic CSA’s- they are extremely limited here. (Hence our focus on Micro-farming!
  • Homeschool is definitely an accepted alternative and it isn’t even required to notify your district unless you are pulling a child out.
  • Missouri also recently became the first State in the Nation to have ZERO abortion services!

    (Which we consider quite the accomplishment!)

  • A little known fact for those who are Artistic is that the Missouri sky is second to none! An EXTREME combination of layered wind currents and weather patterns consistently makes some of the most phenomenal cloud and sunset formations we have EVER SEEN! Sure to be a hit with photographers and artists.
  • Yes, Missouri is a land of… Chiggers! But fortunately, they really aren’t as bad as we feared. Mostly they harbor on the edges of clearings as it transitions from field to forest. My kids definitely get a few when they go out to play (and yes, they just ITCH till they’re gone!) But they are mostly avoidable.
  • It’s worth noting that we do have copperheads, water moccasins and rattlers, but snakes are never too anxious to be found. Not a significant problem in my opinion.
  • Cicadas can be a real pain with the noise level- when we were visiting for the first time to look at property, there was a crazy loud noise like a chain saw running and I asked our agent what it was when he got out of his car. He looked puzzled and said he couldn’t hear anything(!) I continued to try to define it and explain what it sounded like (a chain saw) and FINALLY he said… “Oh, you mean the cicadas?!” …And people here just get so used to it they don’t even know it’s in the background! (Although it’s definitely less of a problem in certain areas).
  • Tornados… aah, yes, tornados… well, in the 8 years we have been here, we haven’t seen a single tornado (lots of wind seasonally in Spring and Fall and lots of tornado warnings), but the truth is, they are really few and far between. There is one spot that is red hot on the tornado map (near Joplin) and that’s a spot I would steer clear of if I had a reasonable choice (no reason to go looking for trouble- right?)
  • Anyway, along with the crazy weather and wind patterns comes “straight winds (which I think actually do more damage here than tornados). We often have weather announcements of “quarter sized hail, strong winds and heavy rains with potential for flash flooding.” And… it often follows through with just that! Can be tricky with plant starts and crops, yet these wild weather events are mostly confined to Spring and Fall seasons.
  • We are liable to have periods of Summer drought (which is why we would recommend having irrigation in place for when you need it!), but it never really lasts for too long unless you are a corn/ wheat/ soy monocrop farmer relying solely on rain from heaven to grow it all- then the water table in general can get dangerously low for that endeavor.
  • We have noticed that a lot of rural Missourians DO NOT eat healthy and are extremely out of shape (which is why we want to share our culture and create amazing, healthy food!.) Many people seem to feel extremely satisfied if they have a gun, a dog, a truck and a Walmart! This ain’t my cup ‘o tea and I’d rather be part of the Culture Creators than join the status quo.

All in all, Missouri is a place of extreme agricultural opportunity and Conservative Values. It’s a great place to call home!


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