How To Ferrocement

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How To Ferrocement

Ferrocement is an incredibly beautiful way to sculpt durable, low-cost structures like patios, stairs, fire pits, underground greenhouses, retaining walls, cisterns, swimming pools and even entire buildings. It uses far less concrete than similar traditional structures and is a skill almost anyone can acquire. In this tutorial we will show you how to start with a simple project like stepping stones, and learn the same skills that apply to more complex structures.


Ferrocement is the application of a 3/4″-1″ layer of sand/ cement mix (no gravel) to a wire or mesh armature for stability and support. It is extremely durable and strong, yet flexible on it’s wire frame. When used in housing structures it can actually withstand earthquakes, hurricanes and other geo-disturbances because of it’s ability to flex with the frame and not crumble or crack.

First Projects

Stepping Stones

For your first experience with ferrocement, it’s important to have a starter project to get familiar with the tools, materials and process before you take on something more challenging.

  • Project Type: Ferrocement
  • Materials Needed: Sand, Portland Cement, Water, Trowel
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced


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Ferrocement Stairs In Progress
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