Pizza Oven Build

Great explanation of the difference between Cobb Oven and Rocket Oven.

Our next project will be a combo. We want a cobb style oven, but probably made out of refractory mortar rather than cobb or possibly insulated steel drum. We are looking to make it portable (lightweightish), burning from the bottom and circulating through a double upper chamber (with vent entrance on the side) and exiting via chimney on opposite side. Key: entrance must be lower than chimney chamber. Lower burn area also contains separate wood storage compartment.

Vid explaining double chamber cobb oven:

Here are some beautiful examples of good exteriors. Not lightweight, and I really never get the “burn in the same chamber idea” when you can do a lower burn filtering through the upper area… but beautiful, never-the-less.

Again, beautiful and fun to see him build it. Very traditional. I want to keep some beauty and modify some functionality.

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