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Thank God For Straightforward Facts

Here’s a teaser to a fairly long, but straightforward article about the Covid facts.

I thank God for people like Brandon Smith who see clearly and are willing to say it.

“I have been feverishly writing lately on covid mandates and vaccine passports issues, and I’m sure most readers understand why – We are currently at the cusp of a great conflict against the powers that be; people who are exploiting the (mostly manufactured) covid crisis for unprecedented political and economic control. And when I say “manufactured”, I mean that there is no crisis, no need for mandates, no need for lockdowns and no need for vaccine passports.

We are dealing with a virus that around 99.7% of people will easily survive according to the medical establishment’s own studies and stats as well as numerous independent studies, yet, for some reason we are being bombarded with fear mongering from the media and from governments.”

Catch the whole article here:

What’s So Amazing About Mike Lindell?

Well, only that he has used his OWN $5 Million to gather together some of the most brilliant minds in the country to conduct the most extensive audit of our corrupt voting system. And, that he is CURRENTLY OFFERING another $5 Million to ANYONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO PROVE HIS RESULTS WRONG.

If you’d want to try… go ahead, your are up against some of the best minds from the cyber world, NASA, US Intelligence and more. Or if you’d like to see what they found, you can head over to, sign up for free and take a look at what our Representatives from every State in the Union recently gathered together to find out in the recent Cyber Symposium. All the info is there and available. Prepare to be AMAZED.

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