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A New Kind of Community

Revitalizing the Basic Subdivision by embedding Agricultural Produce/ Artisan Product and Profit Shares as core HOA Benefits for Lot Owners

Via Farmer/ Artisan/ Entrepreneur Sponsorships.

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Micro-Farming Sponsorship

A diversity of Farmer Sponsorships yielding Community Produce/ Profit Shares.

Community Recreation

A 200 acre Subdivision combining a beautiful country atmosphere with Recreation & Amenities.

Sustainable Education

Enhancing Community with Workshops, Classes, Farm Tours & Sustainable Education.

JumpSTART Funding

Grass roots, Permaculture inspired Funding Model designed for application to Sustainable Endeavors that enhance Society & incorporate a Self-Replicating Design once established.

“Fund it TOGETHER For Less Than

The Cost of a Latte!”

100% of Donations as well as 100% of the Profit from our selected Eco-Line of Products goes directly to fund Regeneration Nation, Micro-Farmers, Artisans, Entrepreneurs, Sustainable Education Centers & Community Development.

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*All Products are Designed, Developed and Handmade in the USA by Regeneration Artisans. Your purchase facilitates not only the Regeneration Nation JumpSTART, but also the actual production of the items you purchase as well. It may take up to 3 months or more to ship items out, depending on the quantities ordered and various production methods employed. We appreciate your support for Sustainable Agriculture and your patience in receiving your hand made goods!

Meet Our Team


Kristie Harper
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Kristie Harper

Founder/ CEO, Permaculture Designer, Artist, Mother of 8 Children

Drew Harper
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Drew Harper

Development Coordinator, Project Manager, Sustainable Builder

Secure Christian Community with Family Friendly Values
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Harper Family

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